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AM STEREO Awareness Campaign 2001

The technology of AM STEREO has been around for approximately 19 years now, but there are still some broadcasters out there that just don't get it.  Apparently, they feel that they really do sound better broadcasting in mono.  With this in mind, our very own "Johnny Appleseed" of AM STEREO, Chris Cuff, is preparing to embark upon "The AM STEREO Awareness Campaign".  His first stop was to see our good friends at a station that takes great pride in itself and it's sound:  Eastern Iowa's Most Powerful Radio Station...

On Friday, April 7, 2000 Chris along with fellow AM STEREO fan Scott Todd joined The Captain and Anthony live in the studios of 1630 KCJJ between 5:00am - 10:00am CST. There was lots of informative discussion about AM STEREO and, of course, lots of great AM STEREO prizes given away to some very lucky listeners.  Congratulations go out to Grand Prize Winner Nancy Shuetz, who picked herself up a Bose Wave radio which included both a CD player and AM STEREO capability.  (Please note that AM STEREO is not yet offered as an option by Bose in their Wave radios, but we are all hoping that they will indeed begin adding this feature soon.  Chris converted this particular radio himself in order for it to receive AM STEREO broadcasts and now Nancy will be able to hear 1630 KCJJ the way it was meant to be heard.)

There's no doubt about it, Chris and Scott had a great time and the staff at KCJJ were most cordial to their guests.  Our sincere thanks go out to everyone at The Big One, Loud and Clear Coast to Coast 1630 KCJJ AM STEREO for all their help and involvement in The AM STEREO Awareness Campaign!

On Saturday, June 3, 2000 at Fairleigh Dickenson University in Teaneck, New Jersey, Chris Cuff was at it once again.  At this stop on The AM STEREO Awareness Campaign 2000, Chris put on a major educational AM STEREO showcase featuring live music in beautiful C-QUAM AM STEREO.  An open invitation was extended to all interested folks to, "Come on down and hear for yourself how truly great AM STEREO can sound."  Overall, Chris was "extremely pleased" with the turnout (which included fellow AM STEREO supporters Kevin Tekel and Dom Senna) and says, "We opened a few eyes, but the general public really does need to be more educated on the technology of AM STEREO."  Say no more as this is indeed the purpose of The AM STEREO Awareness Campaign.

The next stop on The AM STEREO Awareness Campaign saw Chris Cuff  at the 39th Annual Antique Wireless Association Show being held from September 6-7, 2000 at The Rochester Thruway Marriott Hotel in Rochester, New York.  This annual show is undoubtedly the world's largest and best attended and saw collectors and history enthusiasts from six continents convene, exchange equipment and learn more about the development of radio and electronics.  Needless to say, the people who faithfully attend this show each year are extremely passionate about radio and are very supportive of any cause that will help protect this wonderful medium as we know it.  This year was certainly no exception.  Chris spent two days giving live, High Fidelity AM STEREO demonstrations as well as chatting with and enlightening all interested parties.  Once again, Chris was extremely pleased with the interest that was generated and made some excellent contacts who were interested in supporting our cause and the advancement of the technology of AM STEREO.

While not directly related to The AM STEREO Awareness Campaign, the following is nevertheless noteworthy:  The National Radio Club's Annual Convention was held this year in Lima, Ohio over the Labor Day weekend from September 1 - 4, 2000.  This year's convention was hosted by Fred Vobbe, Publisher of the DX Audio Service, and featured a demo station which comprised both a Motorola C-QUAM AM STEREO carrier current station (1610 WNRC) as well as a 10 mW FM station (WNRC-FM 99.3) which allowed NRC members to see what a computerized station is really like.  All the programming was done from a hard disk system and there was a Gentner VRC2000 remote control to "take readings" and perform simulated pattern changes.  Fred says, "I was sorry that I could not get a Kahn/Hazeltine AM STEREO generator for a direct A/B comparison of the two AM STEREO transmission systems. Everyone who came to the convention were very pleased with the sound, and mostly all walked away wondering why AM sounds the way it does when there is the ability to transmit a decent sound."

For those enquiring minds, WNRC was 25 watts into a "V" dipole that pointed to the north. According to several people, it was copyable 10-18 miles away.

Congratulations to everyone at the National Radio Club and it's great to hear that everyone who attended had a safe, happy and very enjoyable weekend!


The SONY CFD-S22 boombox which was previously featured on this page as the latest AM STEREO conversion project of Chris Cuff is, unfortunately, no longer available.  SONY has discontinued production of this particular unit and have replaced it with the CFD-S26 model.  At this time, schematics to aid in the conversion of this AM mono unit to AM STEREO are not available.  When they do become available and it has been confirmed that the replacement model is a good candidate for conversion to stereo, details will be posted here.

Thank You for your understanding!

In the meantime, if you'd like to see what other AM STEREO goodies Chris has available, please check out his Hand-Made AM STEREO Radio & AM STEREO Decoders Page

The AM STEREO Good Guys

In this day and age of rampant corporate broadcasting mega-mergers and the silencing of perfectly good C-QUAM exciters all over North America, it's nice to see that we do have a broadcasting entity with people who still take great pride in the sound of their stations and goes to great lengths to make sure they are up and running in AM STEREO.  Specifically, I am referring to the Crawford Broadcasting Company and it's Director of Engineering, Cris Alexander.

According to Cris, "Recently-upgraded Colorado Springs, Colorado stations 1530 KCMN (15 kW) and 1040 KCBR (15 kW) are sounding sweet in AM STEREO."  Pictured below are Crawford's Denver engineering crew standing in the KCMN/KCBR transmitter room, with the newly installed twin Nautel XL-30 transmitters (with integral C-QUAM exciters) on the right.

Left to right: KCMN/KCBR CE Rodger Tighe, Assistant Engineer Keith Peterson, Crawford Broadcasting Company's Director of Engineering Cris Alexander and Crawford Broadcasting Company's Colorado CE Ed Dulaney.

It doesn't stop there however.  Crawford recently acquired 850 WYDE (50 kW) in Birmingham, Alabama and they are in the process of overhauling the transmitter site and converting it to AM STEREO.  According to Cris, "This project is going well.  WYDE will feature a Nautel XL-60 transmitter and will indeed operate in Motorola C-QUAM AM STEREO."

The two below photos show the new WYDE phasor and Nautel XL-60 transmitter, both of which are currently being installed at the transmitter site.

The WYDE Phasor

WYDE's Nautel XL-60 Transmitter

And there you have it, a class act all the way around for sure.  Congratulations are certainly in order for Cris Alexander, his entire engineering team at Crawford and to the Crawford Broadcasting Company in general for not only believing in, but going above and beyond in keeping AM STEREO alive and well for listeners to enjoy.  Keep up the superb effort gang! You'll always be tops on our list!


In an effort to keep an accurate list of all AM stations broadcasting in stereo, I am asking for individuals from areas such as the central and western Canadian provinces, deep southern US, the desert south western US, and any US territories to help add stations to my ever-growing list. There is a lack of station listings for these particular areas, and your help in "filling in the map" would be greatly appreciated.

Again, my sincere thanks to all of you who have sent me and continue to send me AM STEREO info.  Please keep it coming and please check back often, as it is my full intention to share with everyone, everything you have shared with me.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit!!

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