AM STEREO Classifieds

1.  WANTED - Dead or Alive - ANYTHING that has to do with AM STEREO:  Books, articles, radios of any kind, exciters (C-QUAM only), designer's kits, etc.  

Please e-mail details to

2.  FOR SALE - Motorola C-QUAM adapter kits, original from 1984;  info and all parts to build your own C-QUAM decoder - LIMITED SUPPLY!  $49.00 US each.

Please contact

3.  FOR SALE - Motorola MC13022 decoder IC's- $5.00 US each  

Please contact

4.  FOR SALE - Several AM STEREO car radios (sorry, no GM/DELCO or FORD units)

For further details, please contact

5.  FOR SALE - Broadcast Electronics AX-10 AM STEREO Exciter.  This unit is in excellent condition and comes complete with manual.  New list price on an AX-10 from B.E. today is $5,700.00 US.  The price on this one is $ 2,495.00  US with a 15 day return guarantee.

For further info/details, please contact:

Steve Scarborough (SBE Member # 13812)
Bay Country Broadcast Equipment
7117 Olivia Rd.
Baltimore, MD  21220
Phone (410) 335-3136
Internet -

6.  WANTED - Carver TX-11a AM STEREO tuner.   I would like to buy a used one, preferably from the Canadian side of the border, or one of the other Carvers if they esthetically match the TX-11 model that I currently own.  

To pass along details, please contact

7.  WANTED - Realistic SA-150 mini stereo amplifier in good condition, to match my Realistic TM-152 AM STEREO Tuner.  Silver front panel and woodgrain case.  If you have one for sale, please e-mail Kevin Tekel at

8.  WANTED - SONY CFS-6000 AM STEREO Boombox.  If you have one to sell, please contact Calvin Mandel at (760) 353-1000 in the evenings.

9.  WANTED - AM STEREO Modulation Monitor.  WBRH-FM/KBRH-AM budgeted enough money for a brand new C-QUAM AM STEREO transmission system, but sadly, not enough for a new $5000 AM STEREO Modulation Monitor.  Somewhere, somebody out there must be using one of these as a foot stool.  We could pay up to $700.00 for an EXCELLENT, like new model with a manual .  As well, we're a non-profit organization, so a gift would be tax-deductible.  If you can help us out, please contact: 

Danny Dean, Teacher/General Manager WBRH-FM/KBRH-AM 
2825 Government Street
Baton Rouge, LA  70806
Phone (225) 383-3243
FAX (225) 379-7685

10.  WANTED - KBRH also needs a C-QUAM AM STEREO tuner at our studio site where we can actually hear the extra bandwidth and separation on "External" on the board.  Again, if the price is EXTREMELY right or if one could be graciously donated to the High School students who operate this "Classic Soul Station" at Baton Rouge Magnet High School, we would greatly appreciate it.  STEREO AM 1260 KBRH - Classic Soul is a non-profit organization so a gift would be tax-deductible.  If you can help us, please contact:

Danny Dean, Teacher/General Manager WBRH-FM/KBRH-AM 
2825 Government Street 
Baton Rouge, LA  70806
Phone (225) 383-3243
FAX (225) 379-7685

11.  WANTED -  Kenwood KRC-8001 automotive AM STEREO radio or any AMAX-certified automotive AM STEREO radio, new or used.

Please contact Jay at

12.  WANTED - SONY SRF-A100 AM STEREO radio.  I have only seen one of these in the past 10 years.  These are hard to find, but if you have one to sell, please let me know.  Top dollar paid.  As well, I am also looking to buy a SONY SRF-A1 AM STEREO Walkman.

Please contact:  

Bill Burrows
709 Division Street
Gloucester City, NJ 08030
Phone (609) 456-5998

13.  WANTED - AM STEREO car radio to fit a 1988 Dodge Omni (Chrysler).  Cassette deck preferred, but not required.

Please contact Dave via e-mail at b&

14.  WANTED - A replacement for the GM/Delco AM STEREO unit in my 1992 Chevy S-10 pickup.

If you can help out, please contact Dave at

15.  WANTED - An AM STEREO transmitter.  I have a rack-mountable frequency agile VHF TV transmitter to trade.  It has MTS stereo and a 5 watt output into 75 ohms.  If interested, please call Rob at (304) 235-0892.

16.  WANTED - Circuit details to add NARROW capability to the already WIDE IF characteristic of the Denon TU-680NAB tuner.  The PCB apparently was designed for such, but never implemented by Denon.  I'd be grateful for any help anyone could provide.

Please contact Mike Stosich at

17.  WANTED - Sony AM STEREO-capable Walkman.  Please contact George Louese via e-mail at or phone (320) 230-2280.

18.  WANTED - Any AMAX-certified Sony AM STEREO receiver, an inexpensive personal AM STEREO radio or an AM STEREO kit to build.  Must be compatible with the Motorola C-QUAM AM STEREO standard.  Please e-mail Dave at

19.  WANTED - Non-profit Christian AM station in eastern North Carolina is looking for a Motorola C-QUAM exciter and matching stereo air monitor.  The operating frequency is 970 KHz, but if yours is on a different frequency, we can have it moved to 970 KHz.  We're also looking for a low power AM transmitter (100 watts or less ) which is needed for night-time operation.  If you can help, please send an e-mail with what you have to

20.  FOR SALE -

(A)  Sony SRF-A100 - Has ability to receive the four AM STEREO transmission systems (Motorola C-QUAM, Kahn/Hazeltine, Harris, Magnavox).  Also, an AC adapter is included. This unit is in great shape and was last used during Hurricane Hugo.

(B)  Radio Shack TM 152 AM/AM STEREO Home Tuner - Receives Motorola C-QUAM AM STEREO broadcasts.

Please contact:  

Mike Kane
PO Box 5858
Baltimore MD  21282
Phone (410) 653-6464
FAX  (410) 653-1017

21.  WANTED - Sony SRF-A100 multimode AM STEREO radio (or its Australian equivalent, the SRF-A200).  Fair to excellent condition outside OK, just as long as all works well with the radio itself.

Please contact Tony S. via e-mail at

22.  WANTED - SONY ST-JX220A home tuner or an SRF-A200 (or SRF-A100 in US). Would also consider a Walkman type tuner too.

Please e-mail Craig Meddings, Melbourne, Australia at

23.  FOR SALE - Sony SRF-A1 Walkman that I no longer have any use for.  This radio is capable of receiving Kahn-Hazeltine, Motorola C-QQUAM , Magnavox and Harris AM STEREO broadcasts.  I will entertain all reasonable offers.

Please contact Brenda via e-mail at

To either post a message looking to buy or wanting to sell any AM STEREO product, send e-mail to Alex K. and leave all pertinent details as well as a contact e-mail address and/or phone number where you can be reached.  As well, any broadcasters/station owners who wish to sell off broken or unneeded C-QUAM exciters are welcome to place their items here.  This is a FREE service.  The only condition is that the item you want to post must have AM STEREO; otherwise, your submission will NOT be posted.  Thank-you for your cooperation concerning this matter.

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