The AM STEREO Registry

If you're interested in swapping in airchecks of AM STEREO stations then you've come to the right place!  The following is a list of individuals who are eager to hear AM STEREO stations from other places.  If you too would like to have your name listed as part of The AM STEREO Registry, please send your name, location, contact info, as well as any specific AM STEREO stations you may have airchecks of or are looking for (if applicable) to Alex K.  The stations may be current or defunct, may have switched formats or have even at one time broadcasted in a transmission type other than Motorola C-QUAM, but that's OK.  The only condition here is that these stations were AM STEREO at the time and the aircheck is recorded in stereo as well.  This is a great way for all AM STEREO enthusiasts out there to meet one another and also a great way of expanding your aircheck collection.  Good luck to everyone and I hope you find what you're looking for!  (My thanks to David McKay of Melbourne, Australia for suggesting the idea of an AM STEREO Registry.)

David Coons - David has airchecks of  WMEX in Boston, MA, WOWO in Ft. Wayne, IN, WGTO in Orlando, FL, WHOO in Orlando, FL and snippets from WBZ in Boston, MA to share.  If you're interested in swapping tapes, please drop him a line.

Andy Green - Waterford, Ireland - As Andy hails from Europe, he is unable to provide any airchecks of AM STEREO stations because there aren't any!  However, he does have in his collection a recording of  an off air demo from Leonard Kahn demonstrating the difference between the Motorola C-QUAM and Kahn AM STEREO systems.  As well, he would be more than happy to make some AM mono recordings for swaps for AM STEREO recordings from anywhere.

David McKay - Melbourne, Australia - David has a number of airchecks of various Australian AM STEREO stations and would be happy to swap tapes with others who have airchecks of AM STEREO stations from anywhere. 

Chad Strausbaugh - Chad would love to trade tapes of good Oldies or Adult Standards stations. He doesn't have a big collection at the moment, but he does have a few tapes of 610 WTVN in Columbus, OH from their AM STEREO days when they played mostly Oldies on the weekends. (That is, until they switched to an All Talk format and turned off their stereo generator.)

Paul Walker, Jr. - Paul is seeking station ID's of AM radio stations anywhere in the United States and Canada and is willing to provide audio cassettes and postage if necessary.  As well, Paul is a collector of radio station bumper stickers, so if anyone can help out by adding to his collection, please drop him an e-mail at

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