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Here are some other radio related links which you may find useful and interesting:

AM Reception Improvement - An entire section of links provided by Werner Funkenhauser dealing with antenna construction and antenna ideas for AM reception.  AM DX'ers will particularly find it both useful and interesting.

AM STEREO Exciter - Interested in building your very own AM STEREO exciter?  Well check out this web page woven by Alfredo E. Torrejon!

Atlanta Area Radio - Woven by Marshall Leach, this page gives the lowdown on both the current and past radio scene in Atlanta, GA.  Of particular interest is the Time Warp page which gives a detailed description of the Atlanta radio waves in 1968.

Broadcast.Net - The Broadcast Industry's Home Page  

Canadian AM Radio Directory - An excellent resource for all you DX enthusiasts.

Charlie Tuna:  A Los Angeles Radio Legend - A page dealing with legendary announcer Charlie Tuna that has both downloadable and streaming demos of the weekly syndicated shows he hosts, his voiceover work, and an aircheck compilation.  As well, we find out what Charlie is up to these days.

Chris' AM STEREO Tech Site - A virtual showcase of the AM STEREO talents and interests of Chris Cuff, this page includes info on AM STEREO decoders, circuits, IC's, and parts, as well as new stereo systems equipped with AM STEREO reception capabilities.

Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell - He's back!  Fresh from "retirement", Art Bell has resumed his hosting duties of his baby Coast to Coast AM.  So, if you're looking for something different, then this site is definitely worth checking out.   To say the least, this popular overnight radio show with its legions of loyal listeners certainly makes you think about the world in a different perspective.

David Sharp's Most Excellent Home Page - This page deals with, among other interesting things, radio in general and has lots of great links to other radio-related resources.

Deleted Canadian AM Stations List - It seems as though AM stations in general are becoming an endangered species up here in The Great White North.  (And at an alarming rate, I might add.)  Put together by Kit Sage, this page provides a comprehensive listing of all Canadian AM stations that have either gone dark or gone over to The Dark Side (i.e., FM) since 1986.

Don't Let Them NAB Our Airwaves - A website protesting the questionable policies fostered by the National Association of Broadcasters.

Downstate Illinois Radio Watch - Put together by John Moody, this page features all the news and info you need to know about the Illinois radio market and more.

Duncan's American Radio - Radio's premier source for reliable data and market info.

FCC AM STEREO Web Page - The FCC's take on AM STEREO.  Too bad they had to drag their heels on the whole issue way back when.

International Radio Club of America - Another excellent resource for DX'ers out there!

John's Home Page - A very interesting and informative web page put together by John Byrns which deals with various radio-related topics.  Of particular interest (to me anyway), is the section dealing with WJEF-FM's 500,000 watt transmitter.

LA Radio - The Way It Was - If you're a fan of the Good Ol' Days of LA radio, then this is the place to be.  To the delight of many listeners, many great stations that were pretty big in their day once graced the airwaves of the Los Angeles radio dial: some famous, some short-lived, some legendary.  This page chronicles the history of stations such as KEZY AM, KHJ (AM & FM), KIQQ, KKDJ, KMET, KMPC FM, KQLZ, KRLA, KROQ AM, KTNQ (10Q), and KWST. There's also The Sound Booth where you can hear a few sound clips in both .WAV format and Real Audio.  I highly recommend checking this one out! 

Michigan Broadcast Guide - Developed in 1997, this site was created out of frustration with national radio/television directories that were either not updated in a timely manner or just flat out inaccurate.  The goal of this website is to maintain the most comprehensive and up-to-date directory of Michigan radio and television stations on the Internet.  With this in mind, The Michigan Broadcast Guide has grown to include daily news updates, a history section, a classified ad page, and much more.

MW Alliance - Medium Wave Alliance is a loose confederation of people who are interested in receiving or transmitting signals on Medium Wave frequencies and, to a lesser extent, Short Wave and Long Wave.  The purpose of the MWA is to distribute information about these topics, and to encourage experimenters to share their knowledge with others.  An excellent page and an excellent resource!    

National Radio Club - The National Radio Club is a non-profit organization made up of people who enjoy listening to broadcast radio.  Founded in 1933, it is the world's oldest and largest Medium Wave and DX club.  The National Radio Club also has several listservs (i.e., private conference groups), available to their members.  As well, non-members may participate as "guests" of the National Radio Club.  Of particular interest to me is The AM List which is a list for the discussion of topics related to the listening and DXing of AM radio.  Topics include station changes, DX catches, and other topics about AM radio in general.  As well, it is moderated by Mr. Fred Vobbe so there's no need to worry about annoying spam.  To join this list (or any other of the lists the National Radio Club offers), simply click on to find out all the details.

Northwest Broadcasters Website - The Internet's most comprehensive site for information and links to all the AM, FM and TV stations (including DRB and DTV) in Northwest Washington and Southwest British Columbia.  Excellent page/West Coast station resource!!

N0UIH Ham Radio/DXing Site - The personal webpage of avid DX'er and AM STEREO enthusiast Eric Bueneman, this site is full of logbooks, station listings, etc.  Check it out!

Okanagan Broadcasters Home Page - A comprehensive listing of the AM, FM and TV stations (including DRB and DTV where applicable) of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia - all the way from Enderby in the north to Osoyoos in the south.  Here you'll find call letters, technical data, networks, formats, slogans and audio availability.  You can also click on any station's linked call letters to browse their website and enjoy streamed audio or video where designated.  Yet another excellent resource of West Coast Canadian stations! - The website that brings you the latest radio and TV news from across the greater Philadelphia region and beyond.  In addition to station listings, there's also a message board and chat room.

Radio Amateur Information Network (RAIN) - The Radio Amateur Information Network (RAIN) was founded in 1988.  Its purpose is to provide audio programming both to inform the stateside Amateur Radio community, and to supply high quality balanced program material for those "nets" looking to separate themselves from all the others.  As well, this is the only authorized web site to stream RAIN audio, including RAIN Reports and Riley Hollingsworth's FCC Enforcement Log.  Both of these weekly programs are waiting for you in streaming Real Audio 3.0 from this site which is managed by Hap Holly, KC9RP.

Radio Citizen - Hey, who needs (or really wants) digital radio to become a reality?  Sorry, but you just can't beat far superior analog C-QUAM AM STEREO broadcasting.  This is an anti-IBOC DAB web site so surf on over and check it out.

Radio Connection - Interested in a career in the radio industry?  If so, you should check out this website ASAP.  Radio Connection is an established broadcast and entertainment industry school with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major film studios, video production companies, radio and TV stations, recording studios and record labels.  As can be seen from the testimonials on this site, the very successful and unique training program offered by Radio Connection is a great first step in preparing for either full or part-time employment in the broadcasting industry.

Radio Free Internet - A website woven by Andrew Yodder which is dedicated to "do-it-yourself" broadcasting of all types:  microbroadcasting, pirate radio and TV, Internet radio, public-access radio and TV, shortwave radio, and college and high school radio.  Andrew also publishes Hobby Broadcasting magazine which is also dedicated to these topics as well.

Radio Clicks - From the author of BVI Groups, Radio Clicks is a truly wonderful site which makes International radio stations easily accessible to the blind and visually impaired. Aesthetically pleasing, as well as wonderfully functional, this webpage has been designed specifically for users of screen readers and magnification software.  As a result, anyone can now tab through hundreds of links in dozens of countries all over the world and notice that each radio station is clearly identified.  You no longer have to put up with similar web sites that say nothing more than "Listen" or "Live Feed".  Instead, links are spoken in the following manner:  Toronto: C H U M 1050 AM Oldies.  As well, users of magnification software and sighted persons will delight in clicking onto the ActiveX controls which enables one to click the play icon, listen for a moment, click off and try another.  An excellent resource for everyone's enjoyment!

RadioStation.Com - A web page brought to you by Elliot Broadcast Services which lets you search the FCC's AM and FM Technical Database.  

Sony SRF-42 AM STEREO Walkman Modification - If you're experienced in electronics, check this out if you want to add AM STEREO capability to your existing home tuner/receiver.

STEREOAM.COM - Need I say more?  Check it out!!

The Alabama Broadcast Media Page - The web's most up-to-date and comprehensive listings for Alabama radio and TV stations.

The AMANDX AM Radio Station Slogans Page - Woven by Shawn Axelrod, this page contains the current slogans of all AM stations in Canada and the United States.

The AMANDX Expanded Band Web Page  - Put together by Shawn Axelrod, this represents an excellent resource for DX'ers everywhere.

The AMANDX Home Page - Also put together by Shawn Axelrod, this is The Official Web Page of The Association of Manitoba DX'ers, and is an excellent resource with lots of useful information for DX'ers.

The AM, FM and TV DX'ers Hobby Page - Woven by Bruce Carter, this page is, naturally, devoted to the hobby of receiving distant radio and television broadcasts.  There's lots of great info and links to be found on this page as well.

The Bill Dulmage Radio & Television Archive - The Bill Dulmage Radio & Television Archive officially went online in May of 1997 and is pretty much what it says it is.  Specifically, this website is dedicated to Radio & Television in Southern Ontario and Western New York and is based on Bill's rather large collection of station memorabilia, from station logos and coverage maps, to airchecks and DX Logs.  More items are being added all the time and additional contributions from people are always welcome.  Check it out!  You won't be disappointed.

The Buffalo and Syracuse Broadcast Directories - All the stuff you need to know about what's on the airwaves in Buffalo and Syracuse, NY.  Absolutely the best dial guide format and includes listings of AM STEREO stations.

The Canadian DX Message Board - A forum to post messages exclusively relating to Canadian DX events.

The Classic CKLW Page - If you were a big fan of The Big 8 CKLW in Windsor/Detroit (or just a Boss Radio fan) then this page is for you!  Included on the page (among other things) is a brief history of the station, suggested reasons for its demise, and downloadable sound clips including the authentic CKLW jingles and liners and airchecks.  An excellent site!!

The DX Zone - This Amateur Radio Internet Guide includes an incredible amount of information and links to such topics as SWL and BCL, Ham Radio, CB Radio, DX Resources, Propagation, Publications, References, Software, Space, Manufacturers and Dealers.     

The MIT List of Radio Stations on The Internet - If you're wondering if your favorite radio station has a web page or a Real Audio feed, then the guessing game is over.

The Minnesota/Wisconsin Broadcasting Page - This page has been woven by Jon Ellis, PD of KUWS.  Check it out!    

The Missouri Radio Page -  Wanna know what's on the radio dial in Missouri?  Then look no further.

The Philadelphia Radio Page - A guide to who's who in the Philadelphia, PA radio market.

The Portland Radio Guide - If you want to know the most comprehensive info on what's being heard on the radio dial in Portland, Oregon, then look no further then here.

The Tucson Radio Dial - Maintained by The Eclectic Engineer, Barry Mishkind, this is your guide to what's on the radio dial in Tucson, Arizona.

The WABC Musicradio 77 Tribute Page - Undoubtedly, one of the most comprehensive radio station tribute pages ever assembled.  You really owe it to yourself to check this one out of if were a fan of WABC and/or the good old Top 40 Musicradio days.  Everything you could want to know about Musicradio 77 WABC can be found here and there's lots of jingles and airchecks too.

The WHAMLOG Page - Woven by Werner Funkenhauser, this is an incredible page dealing primarily with AM DX'ing.   

The WLS 75th Anniversary Tribute Page - If you were ever or still are fan of WLS in Chicago, then this page is an absolute must see.  Woven by Scott Childers, it chronicles the fascinating history and evolution of The Big 89 from it's beginnings in 1924 to today.  Included are lots of great photos and entire sections on WLS - The Musicradio Years and WLS AM STEREO 89 - The Rock of Chicago. (For the record, on Tuesday, July 27, 1982, WLS shed 58 years of mono programming by becoming the first AM station in the Midwest to broadcast in stereo using the Harris system.)

The Wisconsin Radio Page - A guide to who's who in the radio market in the state of Wisconsin.

Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Radio Repository - The Original Radio Aircheck Website, this page is a wonderful "Collection of Collections" which is updated weekly and contains over 480 selections (in Real Audio format) compiled through the combined and continuing effort of broadcasters and listeners who remember and truly love Top 40 radio.  It also contains a search feature to allow visitors to find exactly what they're looking for and the Top 40 visitor-deemed airchecks of the week.  A truly excellent site to visit!

WWW.W3AM.COM - A very informative web page with lots of great links, woven by Gary Blau and dedicated to, "The adventure in pleasant listening that is Hi-Fidelity Amplitude Modulation on the Ham Bands."       

W8LN Radio Page - Woven by Bryan Turner, this page deals with information pertaining to North Alabama Radio, including AM and FM station listings, amateur radio and local scanner frequencies. - A very professional and moderated newsgroup for those of you interested in discussing or reading about the happenings in the radio industry in general.

AMFMTVDX Mailing List - Amfmtvdx is a closed list with two administrators (David Sharp and Saul Chernos).  All posts are reviewed before they get distributed and they run a tight ship, keeping things pretty well on-topic.  As an added bonus, there's no chance of spammers getting any of their garbage into this list.  If you're interested in joining the discussions in amfmtvdx, just send a message with no text in the subject line, text only in the body as "subscribe amfmtvdx" (no quotes), and address your e-mail to  As well, this mailing list is also available in digest form.  To subscribe to the digest, simply send a message with no text in the subject line, text only in the body as "subscribe amfmtvdx-digest" (no quotes), and again address your e-mail to

The AM STEREO Advantage - A division of Kevtronics, this web page is maintained by fellow AM STEREO (and DOS) enthusiast Kevin Tekel.  Check out this page and on it you'll find info related to the History, Technology, Sound of AM STEREO, a listing of AM STEREO capable radios and the single most comprehensive, up-to-date listing of Worldwide radio stations who are confirmed to be broadcasting a Motorola C-QUAM AM STEREO pilot tone (whether or not they are actually broadcasting with true separation).

The AM STEREO Forum - The AM STEREO Forum is your place to discuss AM STEREO and all aspects of AM radio associated with it.  Answers to technical questions can be found here as well as assistance for beginners who want to get started in the world of AM STEREO listening. The AM STEREO Forum welcomes all participation, whether you are professionally involved in the world of radio or are just an interested listener.  To come on board, simply click here or send an e-mail to

Turn Off Clear Channel Communications - A web site protesting the various questionable decisions of Clear Channel Communications (aka The Evil Empire).  If you care truly care about the sad state of radio these days, please check out this page!

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